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Gates Graphics  takes the time to create a website that is about your ideas.

We listen to what you want.

Start driving traffic to your business right away.

We will consult with you to get your ideas and make sure that you, the customer, are happy with the final results.

Most simple sites begin with 5 easy pages. Each page may have up to two photos per page.

If more photos are added, the price is subject to per photo per page for an additional fee.


Paying Gates Graphics is easy through Paypal.

We offer monthly maintenance for any site and will allow you to have any updates done twice a month for $20.00 per month.


Start up site $250.00 for 5 pages

Additional pages $25.00 each

All pages may have up to 2 photos

Additional photos $5.00 per page, per photo.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Website Design

     We can make an easy to navigate site for you.  Advertise what you have for sale.  Getting a new domain is easy or we can offer you a sub domain with your website for free.  All subdomains are attached to GoatGossip.Com or GatesPlace.Com

     No matter what, when Gates Graphics designs your website, we provide a link to GoatGossip.Com and/or GatesPlace.Com for anyone to see on our site and click through to yours.

     We do everything we can to announce your site, help promote it and drive traffic to you.  Building the site is only the beginning.